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Accessing your hosted KnowAll through the Citrix Gateway


This article explains how to access the admin component of your hosted KnowAll via the Citrix Gateway, and the software that you will need on your PC.

Required software

  • If you do not already have any Citrix software on your machine, please download and install Citrix Workspace from here. Restart your PC following installation.
  • If you already have Citrix Workspace or the latest version of Citrix Receiver installed on your machine, these should be fine to use. However, if you have any problems launching KnowAll, please try uninstalling them and installing Workspace from the above link.

Accessing the portal

  • Enter your username and password, as supplied by Bailey Solutions, and click Log on.
  • The first time you sign in, you will be taken to the below page. Click Detect Receiver.
  • You should then be prompted to open the Citrix Receiver Launcher, as shown below. (Note that this may vary slightly depending on browser used – Chrome is shown here.) Click Open Citrix Receiver Launcher. You may also wish to tick the “always allow” box to save time in future.
  • The main StoreFront page will open. Click the KnowAll V4 app icon (or click the arrow underneath, then Open).
  • If prompted to open Citrix Receiver Launcher, click the Open button. Again, you may wish to tick “always allow”.
Updated on January 4, 2021

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