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Adding and Editing Budget Codes


This help topic explains how you to create and edit Budget Code records in the system. These may then be matched to order records to allow for accurate financial reporting. You should therefore consider setting up your budget codes before you start using the Finance module.

Accessing the Budget Codes screen

  • Log in as a Library Admin user. Note that you will need to have the Finance Admin role, specifically.
  • Click on Library Admin, then Finance.
  • Under Authority Lists, click Budget Codes to open the Budget Codes authority list screen, as below.
  • Click the up/down arrows icon to the right of a column header to sort by that column.
  • Click the number in the Ordered Titles column to view a list of orders that have been allocated the relevant Account Year.
  • Note that there is a search field (“Search within results”) that allows you to easily find specific Budget Codes.

Adding a new Budget Code

  • To add a new Budget Code, click the Add New button. This opens the Add New Account Year window, as below.
  • Enter the ‘name’ of the Budget Code in the Budget Code field. This is what will appear in drop-down menus throughout the Finance module.
  • Use the Belongs To drop-down menu to select a ‘parent’ budget code that this Budget Code will be ranked under, if you want your Budget Codes to be hierarchical.
  • Enter a Description if required.
  • The Notes field is purely for your reference. Use it to record any helpful information about this Budget Code.
  • Click Save when finished.

Editing a Budget Code

  • Find the relevant Budget Code on the list, then click the Edit (pencil) icon at the end of the same row to open the Edit Budget Code window, as below.
  • Edit the Budget Code, Belongs To, Description and/or Notes fields as necessary, then click Save Changes.
    • Note that the Belongs To drop-down menu allows you to select a ‘parent’ Budget Code that this Budget Code will sit underneath in a hierarchy.
    • The ID number is determined by the system and cannot be changed.
Updated on February 5, 2021

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