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Adding and editing Catalogue Templates


This help topic explains how you can set up catalogue templates for use when manually cataloguing a new Title. These allow you to save time when cataloguing by selecting a template that only shows the fields necessary for cataloguing the particular type of item you wish to add to the system.

For example, fields such as ISBN, publication date and classmark may not be required when cataloguing online media, so creating a template that excludes them reduces clutter and saves time spent scrolling and picking out just the fields you need.

You may also add your own Custom Fields to catalogue templates. If you frequently use Custom Fields when cataloguing certain media, it’s highly recommended that you set up a catalogue template that includes them.

Accessing the catalogue template configuration screen

  • Log in as a System Administrator.
    • You will need to be logged in as a user with access to the Configuration menu on the top toolbar. If this isn’t visible, please contact an admin user or Bailey Support.
  • Click on Configuration, then Catalogue.
  • Under Data Fields, click Titles Add/Create Fields & Templates to open the Configure ‘Add Title’ Fields screen, as below. Note the two columns.

Editing an existing template (or the Default)

  • Choose the template you wish to edit from the drop-down menu, as shown below. Or, leave the selection as Default to edit the default template.
  • Fields that are not in use on this template are shown in the left column (Available/Unused Fields).
  • Fields that are currently in use are shown in the right column (Currently Displayed Fields).
  • To add a field, drag and drop it from the left to the right column. Or, click the plus symbol.
  • To remove a field, drag and drop it from the right column to the left column. Or, click the subtract symbol.
  • To change the order of the displayed fields, drag and drop the fields into the desired order (top to bottom) in the Currently Displayed Fields column.
  • To rename or delete this template, click the Add · Rename · Delete · Default button, then click Rename or Delete as appropriate.
  • Click the green Save Fields button to save your changes.

Adding a new template

  • Click the Add · Rename · Delete · Default button, then click Add New. This opens the Create New Template window, as below.
  • Enter a name for your template, then click Save Changes.
  • To set up the fields in your template, follow the editing steps in the section above.

Updated on April 20, 2021

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