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Adding Titles to a Draft Order


You can order several items from a supplier with one order. This help topic explains how to add items to an existing draft order.

Adding titles to an order

  • First of all set up the order.
  • If don’t already have the order on screen, open the order in the Edit/Update Order screen.
  • Click the Add · Add New Title to Order · Print · Email · Export button, then Add New Title to Order to open the Add Title on Order screen, as below.
  • To add a new title, enter its ISBN into the field as indicated, then click Download from and select a data source (or any available). If data is found, the title will be added to the table below.
  • To add a title that already exists in your catalogue, start typing the title’s name in the Select from existing titles field, then choose the correct title from the search results.
  • Click Save & Continue to move on to Step 2, as below.

Complete these fields as required:

  • Quantity: enter the number of copies required
  • Gratis?: tick if this is a free copy
  • Delivery expected date: this is auto-filled for you, but you can select or type in a different date
  • Price per unit: enter the price of the item.
  • Category: select the correct purchase type in order to categorise this order. If you need to add or change categories, use the authority list.
  • Discount: enter any percentage discount allowed.
  • Membership No.: enter e.g. a professional membership number required to claim a discount.
  • Requested by/Authorised by: select the relevant person from the drop-down list. Note that they must have a user account in KnowAll Matrix.
  • Requirements: enter any instruction to the supplier that relates to the this title. Any notes written here will be included on the order.
  • On approval: tick if this title is being ordered on an approval basis
  • Notes: enter any notes for your own reference. These will not be included on the order.

Click Save & Continue to proceed to the Allocate Title Copy/Copies screen, as below.

  • Select the designated location for your new copy from the Location drop-down menu. This list is drawn from your Locations Authority List.
  • Click Save & Continue to proceed to the Allocate Budget Code to Copy screen, as below.
  • Select the correct Budget Code for this item from the drop-down menu. If you need to add or amend the codes, use the Budget Code Authority List.
  • Note that the current Account Year is automatically selected; however, you may change it using the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save to return to the Edit/Update Order screen.
Updated on March 11, 2021

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