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Creating a Retrospective Order


KnowAll Matrix requires an order before you can set up a subscription. If you don’t have an order you may need to set up an order retrospectively. This help topic explains how you can create a retrospective order in your system.

This situation may occur because the original order for a serial happened a long time in the past before you started using your system or your data conversion did not import historical orders.

How do retrospective orders differ from orders for existing copies?

It is important to note that retrospective orders do not create new copies and that you can only create retrospective orders for existing titles and copies in your catalogue, which do not already have an order. You are effectively re-creating an historical order record on your KnowAll Matrix system so the subscription can be linked to this and you have information about the supplier, etc. You do not send retrospective orders to your supplier for fulfilment because you already have already received them. The retrospective order process in KnowAll Matrix does not require you to approve or record the order as sent.

Whereas, the function to Create a new order for existing copies can be used for copies with pre-existing orders to create new orders for these copies. You might want to do this if you are replacing existing copies that have been damaged or gone missing or because you are adding items like supplements to the existing copy. See Create a new order and follow the instructions for replacing copies. Unlike retrospective orders, you can have draft, approved and sent order status. You would send this order to your supplier for fulfilment and then mark it as sent.

Creating a retrospective order

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • First, you must open the relevant title record. Click Library Admin, then Catalogue. Under Catalogue, click Title Details (View/Edit) to open the View/Edit Title search screen, as below.
  • Start typing the name of the title, then click the matching search result to open the Title Details (View/Edit) screen, as below.
  • Click the Order Details tab (shown above), then the Add Retrospective Order button to open the Add Retrospective Order window, as below.
  • Complete the fields here as required.
    • Order No. is a free text field.
    • The Date Ordered defaults to today, but can be changed. Click this field to reveal a calendar from which a date can be selected. Or, manually type in the date.
    • Use Select copy/copies to order to choose the copy to which this order applies.
    • Choose the Supplier from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose the order Category from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter any Notes for your own reference (optional).
    • Use the Ordered By drop-down to select the staff member who placed this order
  • Click Add Order when finished. The order will appear in the Order Details tab, as below.
  • Click the edit (pencil) icon at the end of the row, or the order number, to open the Edit/Update Order screen and add further information to this order.
Updated on July 22, 2021

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