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Creating an Order for a Replacement Copy


This help topic explains how to create an order for a copy of an item that will directly replace a copy that already exists in your catalogue. This is useful if, for example, you need to order a replacement for an item that has gone missing or has been damaged.

Creating an order for a replacement copy

  • Log in as a Library Admin.
  • Note that your account must have the Finance Admin role assigned to see the Finance menu.
  • Click on Library Admin, then Finance.
  • Under Orders, click Add New Order to open the Add New Order window, as below.
  • Start typing the name of the Title into the Select Title field. Select the relevant title from the search results.
  • Complete the remaining fields as required.
    • Order No. is a free text field. Enter your own order number or leave it blank and the system will assign an order number after you have saved the order.
    • Date Ordered and Date Expected are completed automatically based on today’s date, but you can change them as required.
    • Choose the Supplier from the drop-down list. If the required supplier is missing, you will need to add them to the Suppliers authority list. See how to set up a New supplier
    • Enter Supplier Instructions as necessary. These are any instruction to the supplier that relate to the whole order, e.g. ‘must be delivered as one shipment’. Any notes written here will be included on the order.
    • Choose the user that this order was Requested By, Authorised By, and/or Ordered By from the drop-down lists of users, as required. Note that you must select a user with an account in KnowAll Matrix.
  • Click Confirm when you’ve finished to move to the Edit Order Item on Order screen, as below.

Complete these fields as required:

  • Quantity: enter the number of brand new (non-replacement) copies required. If you are only ordering replacement copies, i.e., no new copies, reduce this to zero.
  • IF replacing copy/copies please select: select the copy or copies that will be replaced with the ordered copies.
  • Gratis?: tick if this is a free copy
  • Delivery expected date: this is auto-filled for you, but you can select or type in a different date
  • Price per unit: enter the price of the item.
  • Category: select the correct purchase type in order to categorise this order. If you need to add or change categories, use the authority list.
  • Discount: enter any percentage discount allowed.
  • Membership No.: enter e.g. a professional membership number required to claim a discount.
  • Requested by/Authorised by: select the relevant person from the drop-down list. Note that they must have a user account in KnowAll Matrix.
  • Requirements: enter any instruction to the supplier that relates to the this title. Any notes written here will be included on the order.
  • On approval: tick if this title is being ordered on an approval basis
  • Notes: enter any notes for your own reference. These will not be included on the order.

Click Save & Continue to proceed to the Allocate Title Copy/Copies screen, as below.

  • Check that the Location of the replacement copy is correct, then click Save & Continue. This opens the Allocate Budget Code screen (Step 4), as below.
  • Place ticks next to the copies you wish to allocate a code to, then click the Allocate Selected button to open the Allocate Selected Budget Detail window, as below.
    • You can skip this step for now by clicking Save.
  • Select the correct Account Year from the drop-down menu.
  • Start typing the budget code into the Budget Code field, then select the right budget code from the search results.
  • Click Continue when finished to return to the Allocate Budget Code screen.
  • Click Save to then proceed to the Edit/Update Order screen, where you can continue to amend, add to or send the order.
Updated on May 6, 2021

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