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Creating and assigning groups of Borrowing Rights


Borrowing rights are the borrowing privileges or rules used for users when they borrow items. This topic explains how to set up Borrowing Rights groups. The Borrowing Rights groups can then be assigned to users without having to assign the individual settings to every user.

For instructions on setting the global loan limit, see the relevant help topic.

Creating and changing Borrowing Rights groups

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
    • Your account must have the Users Admin role, specifically.
  • Click on Library Admin, then Users.
  • Under Authority Lists, click Borrowing Rights to open the Borrowing Rights authority list, as below.
  • Click Add New to create a new Borrowing Rights group. This opens the Add New Borrowing Privileges window, as below.
    • To edit an existing group, click the pencil (edit) icon at the end of the relevant row. This opens a window with the same fields.

Complete the fields as follows:

  • Name – enter a name for this group
  • Max Items – the maximum number of items that may be on loan to a user in this group (at any given time)
  • Max Loan Days – the maximum number of days that a user in this group may borrow an item for
  • Notes – optional notes for your own reference

Click Save to finish.

Assigning Borrowing Rights to a user

  • Click Save Changes to finish.
Updated on March 16, 2021

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