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How to add a new loan


This help topic explains how to add a new loan in KnowAll Matrix (as an admin).

Adding a new loan

  • Log in as a Library Admin user and click on the Library Admin menu.
  • Click Borrowing on the main Library Admin menu, then under Loans, click Enter New Loan.
  • This will open the Enter New Loan screen as below.
New Loan screen
  • Scan or type the item’s barcode / unique ID into the first field, Item to Loan.
  • If you don’t have the item to hand and you don’t have the barcode number or unique ID to hand, use the blue section at the bottom of the screen. Select the title from a drop-down menu (marked Title). You can also search for the title by typing into this field.
  • If necessary, select the Copy Number and Unique ID. If the Title only has one copy then you won’t need to select anything here.
  • Select the library user from the Borrowed By field. This could be a drop down menu or you may have to scan their barcode, depending on your loan settings.
    • Tip: once the borrower has been selected, you can view more information about them, including any outstanding loans and reservations, using the tabs at the top of the New Loan area.
  • KnowAll Matrix will complete the¬†Date Borrowed¬†automatically according to the loan type for this item. If this date is incorrect or you wish to override it, you can click in this field and select a different date from the calendar, or you can type a date.
  • Similarly, the Date Return Due will default to a date based on the standard loan length for this type of media, but can be changed. Loan lengths may be configured by system administrators.
  • Finally, click Do Loan to complete the loan.

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Updated on February 25, 2020

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