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How to add additional copies to existing titles in KnowAll Matrix


This help topic explains how to add new copies to existing title records in SLLS. This will be necessary if, for example, you order an extra copy of a book that’s already in your library, or need to catalogue additional copies of the same title.

Adding a new copy to a title

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu, then click Catalogue.
  • Under the Catalogue header, click Add New Copy. This will open the Add New Copy screen, as below.
  • Start typing the name of the title into the Title field. A list of close matches will be displayed. Click on the correct one.
    • You can also browse to the correct title first via List All Titles or Title Details (View/Edit), then click the Copies tab in the Title Details screen, then Add New Copy. This method also allows you to add multiple copies at once and specify a barcode sequence.
  • Choose the correct location for this copy from the Location drop-down menu.
  • Choose the current status of this title from the Status drop-down menu. This alerts users to e.g. whether the title is already in stock or simply on order.
  • The following fields are simple yes/no tick boxes:
    • Print Label: when you tick this box, you are adding all the copy items that make up this copy to the queue for printing labels.
    • Display on New Titles List?: leave this box ticked when you want the title appear in the New Titles list. This may be useful to alert library users that a new copy of a title is available.
    • Create Barcodes on Check-In: applies to serial titles. Tick this box to create a new copy item every time a new serial part or journal issue is checked in. This is useful if you lend the serial issues or want the issues to show in the catalogue.
    • List in Quick Check-In?: applies to serial titles. Tick this box if you want this copy to be listed when Quick Check-In so you can check-in new parts or issues there.
  • Type any useful notes in the Notes field.

Adding a new copy item

Every copy of a title must have at least one copy item. For a single volume book (i.e. monograph), this is all that is necessary. For a copy or set with several physical parts, it will be necessary to add extra copy items, one for each part. This is a very useful feature to help you quickly catalogue, for example, all the volumes of a multi-volume set. In KnowAll Matrix you do not need to catalogue every volume individually, you simply add copy items to the copy.

  • Save and Continue.
  • This opens the Add New Copy Item screen, as below.
  • If you use pre-printed barcodes or use your own unique identifiers, type the unique ID (barcode number) to be assigned to this copy item in the Unique ID field. Otherwise, leave the field blank and KnowAll Matrix will automatically assign a unique number to this copy item when you save the item.
  • Describe the copy item, e.g. Vol 1, 1997, Main volume, 4th Supplement, etc. in the┬áLabel Text field.
  • Choose a Lending Type from the drop-down menu. This will decide on what terms people are allowed to borrow this title.
  • Tick the Print Label box to add this copy item’s label to the print queue in KAM. The label will include the description you entered in the Label Text field
  • Click Save & Add More if you need to add further copy items.
  • Otherwise, click Save & Finish.
Updated on February 6, 2020

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