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How to add electronic documents to catalogue records


Sometimes, you may wish to catalogue a resource that is only available in an electronic format. Alternatively, you may wish to add electronic files, such as PDF files, to print resources when you catalogue them. This help topic explains how to add an electronic document to a catalogue record for these reasons. It also explains how to find icons for Word and PDF files so you can add this as an image to your catalogue record when appropriate. The same principles can be applied to other types of electronic media that you wish to catalogue in your system.

Adding an electronic document to a catalogue record

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • You must first find the title you need to add the document to. Click Library Admin, then Catalogue.
  • Under the Catalogue header, click Title Details (View/Edit). This opens the View/Edit Title screen, as below.
  • Start typing the name of the title into the search field. A list of close matches will be displayed. Click on the correct one.
  • This opens the Title Details (View/Edit) screen, as below.
  • Click on the Links tab if not already selected (shown above).
  • Click Add New Link to open the Add New Link window (below).
  • To link to a document that is available on the internet, copy and paste the document’s URL (web address) into the URL Path field.
  • To link to a document that’s already been uploaded to SLLS find it using the Hosted File drop-down menu.
  • To upload a document from your PC or network, click the Browse button next to Local File. Then, browse to and select the relevant file.
  • Click Add Link to finish.

Adding an image to your electronic document catalogue record

Electronic titles do not have cover images, but your users may appreciate if you add an icon as an image for these titles in SLLS, so they can quickly realise what type of file it is when browsing search results in the OPAC. For example, a Word document could have a Word icon, a PDF file a Adobe PDF icon and an Excel spreadsheet an Excel icon, etc.

In this example, we show using Google search engine to find a Word icon.

  • To find a suitable image, you can use Google Image Search.
  • Search for e.g. ‘Word document icon’
  • Click the Tools button at the top of the results page.
  • Click Labeled for reuse,
  • Click Labeled for reuse again in the drop-down menu (as below). This ensures that you can legally reuse any images in your search results.
  • When you have selected an appropriate image, right click and Save As
  • Save the image to a folder or your desktop where you can find it again.
  • Now you can add the icon as an image to your catalogue record.
  • If you need help or instructions on adding an image to a title, please consult the help topic on adding images.
Updated on February 7, 2020

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