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How to add items to your New Titles list


This topic explains how to add titles to your New Titles list. This is a list displayed to library users so they know about new additions to your library. The New Titles list is maintained by library staff.

Adding items to your OPAC New Titles widget and New Titles list report

You can choose which new titles to include on the New Titles List report, or in the New Titles widget on your Library Users’ homepage. KnowAll Matrix will also automatically add titles that you create using AutoCat to your New Titles list. Removing titles from the New Titles List is covered in another Help Topic.

Adding items to this list is done at Copy level so you can specify which copies you want to include in the list. For example, if you have purchased a lending copy of a title for the library and several other copies are issued to people as personal copies, you may only want to show the library copy on the list.

  • Log in as a Library Admin User.
  • Click on Library Admin menu.
  • Click the Catalogue menu.
  • Select Recently Catalogued Titles (under the Catalogue subheading).
  • Use the drop down list to select how recently items were added. This will show items catalogued within the time period you choose.
  • For any titles you want to appear on your New Titles List, click on theĀ  pencil icon at the end of the row. This will open the Title Details page.
  • Make sure the Copies tab is selected, then click the Copy number to open the Copy Details page.
  • Select the Show on New Titles List? check box and make sure there is a tick in this check box.
  • Click the Save Copy Details button to save your work.
Updated on February 6, 2020

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