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How to add multiple Copies to Title Records

Adding multiple copies to your title records

This topic explains how to add multiple copies to a specific title record in your catalogue, or add further copies to a title record that already has a first copy added.

Once you have created the catalogue record for a title, you are now ready to add your copies and holdings or local information. It is important to understand that you do not need to create a new bibliographic record for each copy. You can have several copies attached to one catalogue record as long as they share the same characteristics, i.e. they have the same ISBN, title, edition etc.

Adding Copies to a Title that already has a first Copy Record

  • Log in as a Library Admin User and open your Library Admin Dashboard.
  • Select Catalogue > List All Titles.
  • Use the alpha search to find the title you want to work on. This view is useful because it allows you to differentiate easily between similar Title entries (such as, different editions of an item) as well see as how many Copies a Title already has.
  • Find the relevant Title. On the right hand side of the table row for this title there will be a number in a blue circle, in the Copies column. Click on the number to open the Copy Details Screen.
  • From the Copy Details screen click the blue Add New Copy button.
  • Note: you can also choose Catalogue > Add New Copy from the drop down menu and search for the Title you need, but it won’t show you how many copies currently exist for that title.
  • When the Add New Copy screen is displayed, enter the required Copy details and click Save & Continue > to save your work.
  • The Add New Copy Item screen will automatically load so you can create a Copy Item for this Copy.
  • When you have finished adding Copy Items for this Copy, the system will take you back to the Copy Details screen.
  • To add more copies click the blue Add New Copy button and follow the instructions above as many times as you need.
Updated on February 12, 2020

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