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How to configure loan notices in KnowAll Matrix


This help topic explains how to change loan notices. These are the messages that will be sent out automatically by the system to borrowers on, before, or after a loan’s due date. They include loan reminders as well as overdue loan chasers.

Changing loan notices

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu, then click Borrowing / Loans menu.
  • Under the Loan Notices header, click Configure Loan Notices to open the Configure Loan Notices screen, as below.
  • This screen displays a list of the loan notice types with the following columns:
    • Loan Notice Name: the name of the notice type, normally self-explanatory.
    • Comments: a description of the notice’s functionality.
    • Enabled: whether this notice is enabled, as denoted by the tick box.
    • Days Overdue: this is the number of days after the loan due date when the notice will be issued. Negative numbers show that it will be issued before the due date.
  • Click on the notice’s name in the Loan Notice Name column to edit it. Or, click the pencil icon at the end of the row.
  • This opens the Edit Loan Notice screen, as below.
  • Change the text in the NoticeID and LoanNoticeName fields to rename this notice type. The Notice ID must be unique to each notice.
  • To change the notice email, type in the following fields as required:
    • Message Subject: this forms the subject line of the email message.
    • Message Header: this is the first line of the email that addresses the recipient. The above example contains “Hi”, to which the name of the recipient is automatically added.
    • Message Body: the main message text.
    • Message Footer: the closing line of the message.
  • Enabled: tick or untick to enable or disable this notice type.
  • Days overdue: use the up/down arrows (or manually type in the field) to adjust the number of days before or after the due date of a loan that this notice will be issued. Entering a negative number will result in the notice being issued before the loan is due (good for reminders). Entering 0 will result in the notice being sent out on the due date.
  • Message CC: enter an email address here to have the notice sent to that email address alongside the borrower’s. The second email address will be visible to the borrower.
  • Message BCC: as above, but the second email address will be hidden.
  • Click Save Changes to save.
  • There is also an Add New button on the Configure Loan Notices screen. Click this to create a new loan type. This will open the same Edit Loan Notice screen, but you will need to start again.
Updated on March 21, 2019

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