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How to configure your OPAC Home Page layout


This topic explains how to customise your OPAC Home Page layout. This is the page that normal users will initially see when they first access the system. You can choose which gadgets are available and their position on the page.

Adjusting Home Page content (gadgets)

  • Log in as a System Administrator and click on the Configuration menu.
  • Under Dashboards on the main Configuration page, click on OPAC Home Page Content.
  • On the Home Page Content screen (below), any gadgets that are in use will appear in their respective columns, whereas any not in use will appear at the bottom of the screen under Available Gadgets.
  • To re-position a gadget, simply click on and drag the gadget using the mouse to the desired place. To add or remove a gadget, drag it out of or into the Available Gadgets area.
  • Click Save Layout to save your changes.
Home Page Content
In this example, columns 1-3 show what will be present on the Home Page.

Adjusting Home Page design (columns)

  • Log in and click on Configuration as above, but under Dashboards, click on OPAC Home Page Design.
  • The below menu will appear, allowing you to select the desired number and relative widths of columns on the OPAC Home Page (using the Layout Design drop-down menu). As per the on-screen warning, your choice here may affect the number of gadgets that can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Click on Save Changes to save your choice.
Updated on January 11, 2023

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