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How to create a Reservation


From the catalogue record as a Library Admin user

  • Log in as a Library Admin user, then click Library Admin.
  • First, you must find the correct title and open it for editing. Click on Catalogue, and then under the Catalogue heading, click Title Details (View/Edit).
  • Type part of the title name into the search box, then click on the correct search result in the list. KnowAll Matrix will load the Title Details screen for that title.
  • In the Title Details screen, click on the Reservations tab (shown above). Click Add Reservation to open the Add New Reservation window (below).
Add New Reservation
  • Select a specific copy item from the Item drop-down menu, if needed (the default is ‘any available’).
  • Select the library user who will be making this reservation from the Reserved By menu.
  • If a reservation has already been placed for this item, use the Priority menu to select this user’s place in the queue.
  • Click Save to finish and return to the Title Details screen.
Title with reservation
  • The reservation is now displayed on the Reservations tab.
    • To edit a reservation, click the pencil icon at the end of the row.
    • To delete a reservation, click the deletion (dustbin/trash can) icon. Note that reservations will automatically be deleted when the borrower who made the reservation takes the book out on loan.
    • To email the borrower, click the envelope/mail icon.

From the OPAC as a regular library user

  • Library users may reserve items for themselves if this functionality is enabled. For further information on configuring reservation settings, see the relevant help topic.
  • Depending on how the system is configured, a Reserve button may be visible in one or both of these places:
Reserve button search results
  • Next to the title details when viewing search results (shown above)
Reserve button copy details
  • Next to the copy information when viewing a title‚Äôs full details (shown above)
  • Clicking on either of these buttons will open the Reserve item? window, as below.
Reserve Item? prompt
  • Click Continue to confirm.
Updated on February 13, 2020

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