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How to create and print borrowing/loan reports


This help topic explains how to generate loan reports – both for current and historical loans. These can be useful to give to people with no or limited access to your system, as well as providing a helpful, at-a-glance overview of borrowing activity.

Generating loan reports

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu, then click Borrowing or Loans menu
  • Under the Reports header, click Report Generator to open the Borrowing Report Generator screen, as below.
Borrowing report generator screen
  • All report types are listed in the Available Report Types drop-down menu on the left – you must pick one. Note that all reports are sorted according to either some attribute of the borrower (eg. Borrowing by Borrower Department) or title (eg. Borrowing by Title Location). Further filtering is set elsewhere (see below).
  • Choose the desired level of detail from the Level of Detail drop-down menu. Although full details are displayed by default, you may wish to only show borrower information or totals.
  • Use the Loan Status menu to choose whether this report will be about all loans (historical), or only those that are outstanding or overdue.
  • Use the middle Date Filter section to set the timescale. The default is ‘anytime’ (everything). Use the Time-span drop-down menu to select a different time span, or specify exact dates using the Date range fields.
  • Further filtering of the report is possible using the Borrowed Item Filters and Borrower Filters. These can be used to make your report more specific by including/excluding borrowed items or users with certain attributes, as below.
Borrowing report generator example
  • In the above example, we have selected to view a Borrowing by Borrower/Library User report, with full details, but only including outstanding loans. We have not specified a date range, but we have specified Book as the media type, and ‘Vincent, Marc’ as the user using the relevant filters on the right hand side. This will generate a detailed report of all the outstanding loans for this user – but restricted to items classified as books.
  • Notice that most of the filters are based on authority lists and are therefore simple drop-down menus. However, the Filter by Borrowed Item filter allows the selection of individual copies and volumes of a borrowed title. Alternatively, you may enter a specific barcode (see the example below).
Filter By Borrowed Item
  • When you have selected all the desired criteria, click the View Report button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to open your report (as below).
  • From this screen, you can click the Print button to print, or Save As to export to a PDF document or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Click Close to return to the Borrowing Report Generator screen.
Updated on February 18, 2020

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