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How to create Related Title Records


Sometimes you may wish to link or create a relationship of one title to another title. The related title appears as a link in the web OPAC for library users that the user can click to view the other title(s). Reasons for doing this could include:

  • A link from a new title to former title;
  • A link from a new edition to an old edition;
  • A link from a printed edition to an online version;
  • A link from a main work to a supplement;
  • A link from a main work to commentary or guidance;
  • A link from one language version to another;

This list is not exhaustive and it’s your choice as to how to link titles together.

This help topic explains how you can create these links between related title records. In each case the links can be one way or in both directions.

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu, then click Catalogue.
  • Under the Catalogue header, click Title Details (View/Edit) to open the View/Edit Title search screen, as below.
  • Start typing the name of the title into the search field. A list of close matches will be displayed. Click on the correct match to open to the Title Details (View/Edit) screen, as below.
  • Click Related Titles to open the Related Titles tab (shown above).
  • To add a new related title, start typing the title’s name in the search field. Then, select the right title from the list of close matches.
  • Click Add Selected Related Title. This opens the Add Related Title window, as below.
  • Enter a Relation Name to describe the relation between these titles, e.g., enter “Online version” if you are linking to the online edition, or “Former title” if you are linking to a title under the former name.
  • Enter Notes for your own reference (optional).
  • Tick Create reciprocal relation? to create a reciprocal relation on the related title record (effectively making the relation two-way).
  • Again, enter a Relation Name to describe the relation the other way, e.g., “New title”
  • Click Save Changes to finish.
Updated on March 31, 2021

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