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Overview of adding, editing, and deleting subjects for titles


This help topic provides an overview of how to add, edit, and delete subjects. Subjects are used to describe the content of titles in your catalogue, and are especially useful for presenting relevant results to users. Users can also refine their search results using subjects. It is therefore important to keep your subject list as tidy as possible and to maintain a structure that makes sense for users of your library.

Generally only one preferred word or phrase should be used to describe a subject, so your list should not include synonyms or ways of expressing the same subject. For example, do not enter both ‘cats’ and ‘felines’, chose only one. If you don’t use one preferred term then users would have to search on ‘cats’ and ‘felines’ to find all the titles about cats. This is generally known as ‘controlled vocabulary’.

Adding, editing, and deleting subjects

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu, then click Catalogue.
  • Under the Authority Lists header, click Subjects A-Z to open the Subjects (A-Z) list screen, as below.
Subjects A-Z List
  • Click the alphabetical buttons A-Z along the top of the screen to browse the subjects alphabetically.
  • Click the In Use only tickbox directly underneath to view only those subjects that are currently in use.
  • Start typing in the search box (“Search within results”) in the top right to search the entire list of subjects. A list of close matches will automatically be displayed.
  • If a subject is nested within a hierarchy, the full ‘breadcrumb trail’ will be listed under Hierarchy Breadcrumb. Where subjects have ‘children’, these can be viewed by clicking on the number in the Children column. Use the Top Terms only tickbox underneath the alphabetical buttons to remove any ‘child’ subjects from view.
    • Note that if your subjects are hierarchical, you may also click the View Hierarchical list button to switch to a ‘tree’ view with expanding/collapsing categories.
  • To add a new subject, click the Add New button to open the Add New Subject window, as below.
  • Type the new subject term into the Subject box.
  • Subjects in KnowAll Matrix can be hierarchical (this is optional). Each subject can have a single ‘parent’, which can itself have a parent, and so on. To set a parent, start typing the relevant subject into the Parent Subject box. A list of close matches will be displayed – click the correct one. (See the below example.) The parent subject must already exist.
  • Click Save to add your new subject.
  • To edit an existing subject, click on the subject term in the Subject column in the main Subject list screen. Or, click the pencil icon at the end of the row.
  • This opens the Edit Subject window, as below.
  • Alter the subject and/or parent subject as required, then click Save Changes.
  • To delete a subject, tick the box to the left of the subject you’d like to remove in the Subjects screen, then click the Delete Selected button at the top of the screen. The below prompt will appear.
    • multiple subjects can be selected for deletion simultaneously.
    • Subjects can only be deleted if they are not in use.
  • Click Confirm Delete to confirm.

Updated on May 30, 2019

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