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Overview of Authority Lists in KnowAll Matrix


This help topic introduces you to Authority Lists in KnowAll Matrix. These lists populate the drop-down menus that appear when completing records in different areas of the system. Examples of Authority Lists include the lists of authors, publishers and languages for titles in the Catalogue, and the list of user types for users.

How to access and edit Authority Lists

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu and click on one of the menus, e.g. Catalogue, Borrowing, Finance etc. You will notice that there is an Authority Lists list in each module (except the OPAC).  This list will only show you Authority Lists relevant to the area of the system that you have selected, as below.
  • To see all Authority Lists together, click on the General menu.
  • To view and edit an Authority List, click on its name, e.g. Languages. This will open the screen for that Authority List, as below.
  • To add a new item to the list, click the Add Item button at the top of the screen. In the window that opens (similar to the below), enter the value for your new item, then click Save.
    • Items in some Authority Lists will have other attributes that you will need to specify. For example, Media Types will have a Default Lending Type.
  • To edit an item, click on it, or click on the pencil icon at the end of the row. This will open a separate editing window (similar to the below). Type in your new value and click Save Changes.
  • Note that Authority List items cannot be deleted if they are in use in the system. In the above example of the Languages list, English is in use (applied to 3 titles), but Dutch is not. Therefore, Dutch may be selected using the tickbox at the far left of the row, and then deleted by clicking Delete Selected. Multiple items may be selected for deletion if they are not in use.
  • You can search within the Authority List by using the search box at the top right. This is useful for longer lists, such as of authors.
  • To sort by a particular column, click the up/down arrows next to that column header. Note that this only re-orders the list items in this screen.
Updated on March 7, 2019

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