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Searching for copies (admin)


This help topic explains how you can search for copies using attributes of the title or the copy. This can be useful for quickly finding out, such as, where copies are located, or which copies are missing.

Searching for copies

  • Log in as a Library Admin user.
  • Click on the Library Admin menu, then click Catalogue.
  • Search options are listed under Searches in the Catalogue menu. Note the “Copies By…” options at the bottom of this list (as below).
  • These allow you to search for copies by collection, location, status, or title. Clicking on one of these options will open the relevant search screen. In the below example, Copies By Title has been selected.
  • When searching by title, you will need to type part of the title into the search box. The system will display a list of matches, and clicking on the correct one will produce the search results.
  • When searching by location or status, you will need to choose from a drop-down menu of options.
  • Your search results will be displayed as below.
  • To sort the results by a particular column, click on the up/down arrows next to the column header.
  • To view/edit a copy, click the copy’s number in the Copy Number column on the left hand side, or, click on the pencil icon at the end of the row on the right hand side.
  • You can search within your results using the search box at the top right.
Updated on February 13, 2020

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