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Setting and Updating Annual Budget Allowances


This help topic explains how you can set annual budget allowances, for both subscriptions and one-off orders, against specific budget codes. Note that you will need to set up any required account years and budget codes first.


  • Log in as a Library Admin user. Note that you will need to have the Finance Admin role, specifically.
  • Click on Library Admin, then Finance.
  • Under Budgeting, click Annual Budget Allowances to open the Annual Budget Allowances screen, as below.
  • Select the required financial year from the Account Year drop-down menu.
  • To edit the allowance for a particular budget code, click the Edit (pencil) icon at the end of the relevant row. This opens the Edit Budget Allowance window, as below.
  • The Previous Year Amount provides an at-a-glance overview of how much was spent on orders with this budget code in the previous financial year.
  • If you have estimated this year’s totals for subscriptions and one-offs for this budget code, the figures will appear in Subs. Estimate and One-Offs Estimate, respectively. See [Link] for more information about how to estimate your forthcoming budget allowances from previous expenditure you recorded in the system.
    • Click Update Allowances to copy the estimated figures into the actual allowance amount fields below.
  • OR
  • If you don’t use the estimate feature in the system, you can enter the required amounts for subscriptions and one-offs into the Subs. Amount and One-Offs Amount fields, respectively.
  • Use the Notes field to record any useful information for your reference.
  • Click Save to finish.
Updated on February 10, 2021

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