1. Contact the Support Team

Contact the Support Team

How to Contact Bailey Solutions Support Team

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Can’t find what you want in this Help Centre?

  • Send new requests for support to support@baileysolutions.co.uk
  • Send one request per email *
  • Phone our dedicated support number +44 (0) 1273 242 958

Bailey Solutions uses Enquire to track your support requests

Bailey Solutions has introduced our own enquiry tracking software: Enquire, to keep track of your support requests. We have done this so:

  • We make sure we meet agreed service levels by responding to you timely manner
  • We can grade your requests in terms of urgency
  • We can let you know when your request has been assigned
  • We can monitor the type of requests and activity generally
  • We can re-assign requests if a member of staff is away

How you can help us support you

  • Send new requests to support@baileysolutions.co.uk
  • Send one request per email *
  • Reply to our emails only about the original request and keep the subject intact
* We can help you better if you one include one request per email so it can be assigned to the correct person and prioritised correctly.
Each request will be acknowledged with an email which you can reply to if you need to follow it up.